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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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From Cuba

Photo: ACN
22 May 2019 40

The work of the train hostess in the railway program

Guantánamo, May 22.- The role of the ferromagnets in the Recovery and Development Program of the National Railroad highlighted today, in…
Photo: Juventud Rebelde
21 May 2019 17

New cars that will modernize and renew rail transport in the country

Havana, May 21.- With the arrival of the first cars for the transportation of passengers, a process of rescue of the quality of rail…


Photo: RHC
22 May 2019 41

Pompeo has been ticked of lying by linking Al-Qaeda with Iran

Washington, May 22. - US intelligence officials have denied the accusations by the US Secretary of State on alleged links between Al-Qaeda…
Photo: RHC
22 May 2019 40

Expert of the UN affirms that we are close to a nuclear war

New York, May 22. - A UN security expert warns that the risk of using a nuclear weapon in the world has already reached the highest level…

Science and Technology

Photo: Radio rebelde

Firefox Send allows you to send encrypted files of 2.5GB

A little less than two years ago, exactly in August 2017, the Mozilla technology company presented Firefox Send, a service that allows us to send files to other people in a very…


Photo: nationalgeographic

When dad is mom

In the seahorse clan, births are something else. The 35 species that make up the genus Hippocampus are unique in the animal kingdom: it is the males, and not the females, who…

Strength of the Caguairán

Photo: Cadenagramonte.

Fidel, visionary and promoter of informatics in Cuba

Havana, March 23.- On April 18, 1970, Cuba's first computer, the CID 201, was presented. Five years earlier, a group of young engineers, physicists, and mathematicians at the…

Local History

cachimboThe History of Sierra de Cubitas

Our Geography

Historically, the Cuban territory has undergone notable variations in terms of its territorial extension, since it covered part of the current area ...

1Mission: maintain quality radio programming, which takes into account the priorities of the information policy of the territory, country and the world.

2History of the Issuer: this radial plant was first aired on June 4, 1981, and from that moment on it became a sign of company for the town.