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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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From Cuba

Foto: PL
17 March 2018 2

Cuba: National Award of Music to José Luis Cortés

Havana, Mar 17.- The flautist and professor José Luis Cortés, artistically known as El Tosco, will receive the 2017 National Music Award of…
Photo: Archivo.
17 March 2018 2

Cuban Jumper Confirms His Quality with 8.40-Meter Record

Camagüey, Cuba, Mar 17.- Cuban long-jumper Juan Miguel Echevarría proved that his 8.40-meter jump at the World Indoor Athletic…


Photo: RHC
17 March 2018 2

Russia expels 23 British diplomats, closes UK Cosulate General in St. Petersburg

Moscow, March 17.- Russia has expelled 23 British diplomats in response to what it described Britain’s “provocative actions and groundless…
Photo: Cadenagramonte
16 March 2018 9

Venezuelans to Vote With Digital Card in Next Elections

Caracas, Mar 16.- Venezuelans will use a tactile membrane or digital card in the elections of next May 20, informed the main rector of the…

Science and Technology

Photo: Cadenagramonte.

Artificial retina, scientists, journal Nano Letters, Nanoscience, Nanotechnology

London, Jan 17.- An international group of scientists created the first artificial retina that can replace a damaged one, the specialized journal Nano Letters published on…


Photo: Cadenagramonte.

Sextuplet Birth in Lebanon

Beirut, Mar 16.- Lebanese Muna Fadlallah set up a sextuplet delivery record, 3 males and 3 females, in a hospital of this capital, where she is receiving popular and state back up…

Strength of the Caguairán

Photo: Cadenagramonte.

Highlight imprint of Fidel Castro in the Cuban democratic system

Santiago de Cuba, March 9.- Members of the Inaugural Lecture on the thought and the work of Fidel Castro, of the University of Oriente, exalted here its mark in electoral…

Local History

cachimboThe History of Sierra de Cubitas

Our Geography

Historically, the Cuban territory has undergone notable variations in terms of its territorial extension, since it covered part of the current area ...

1Mission: maintain quality radio programming, which takes into account the priorities of the information policy of the territory, country and the world.

2History of the Issuer: this radial plant was first aired on June 4, 1981, and from that moment on it became a sign of company for the town.

  • House of the Culture
    House of the Culture
  • Town of Sola
    Town of Sola
  • Grandparents’  Resting House
    Grandparents’ Resting House
  • Radio Cubitas Broadcasting Station
    Radio Cubitas Broadcasting Station
  • Sowing food area in Sierra de Cubitas
    Sowing food area in Sierra de Cubitas
  • Entrada al Poblado de Sola
    Entrance of the Town of Sola
  • Community of La Gloria
    Community of La Gloria
  • Popular concentration for July 26
    Popular concentration for July 26
  • Children's carnival
    Children's carnival
  • Council of Municipal Defense
    Council of Municipal Defense
  • National Rebellion Day
    National Rebellion Day
  • Guillermo Pavón, vice president of ICRT exchanges with artists and journalists
    Guillermo Pavón, vice president of ICRT exchanges with artists and journalists
  • Candidate nomination process
    Candidate nomination process
  • Roberto Morales Ojeda, minister of Public Health, visits Sierra de Cubitas
    Roberto Morales Ojeda, minister of Public Health, visits Sierra de Cubitas