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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Matías Cave

It has two murals with more than thirty anthropomorphic figures from different periods distributed in two of the entrance walls of the cavern, and totally bathed in the light of day.

Cave Generals

It has two murals, one facing the other painted directly on the smooth structural walls of a small gallery of difficult access, slightly illuminated by sunlight. 

Cave of the Indian

It has numerous pictographs that depict anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures in a mixture of abstraction with naturalism, as well as the reproduction of a hand by direct printing.

Pichardo Cave

This cave is the most spectacular one and the best agro-pottery pictograph known so far, located on the southern slope of Cerro de Tuabaquey, more than 80 meters above the level of the base of this elevation.

María Teresa Cave

It has two painted murals, one in the structural rock and the other in a kind of keel hanging from the ceiling; both are at the height of a man standing and have features of a high stylization.

Las Mercedes Cave:

Presents a pictograph disseminated in a semi-dark gallery that serves as an entrance to the cave, located at the height of a man standing, and others inside, deep in the cave less than a meter from the ground.

Strength of the Caguairán

Photo: RHC

Cuban president recalls Fidel's idea about the strength of the people

Havana, May 28.- Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel recalled the thoughts of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, when he highlighted the strength of the people…

Our Geography

Historically, the Cuban territory has undergone notable variations in terms of its territorial extension, since it covered part of the current area ...

1Mission: maintain quality radio programming, which takes into account the priorities of the information policy of the territory, country and the world.

2History of the Issuer: this radial plant was first aired on June 4, 1981, and from that moment on it became a sign of company for the town.

Local History

cachimboThe History of Sierra de Cubitas